Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello World!

My first post as a blogger. Mark the date: midnight, Saturday, April 11, 2009.

I’m writing from a funky little motel in Ajo, Arizona, where I am spending the night before crossing the border tomorrow morning on my first ever Mexican Road Trip. I am stoked beyond belief, as they say (or used to say, anyway, in my surfer-friendly hometown of Santa Cruz) to be making this trip. It was most definitely a Good Friday.

I am also very, very interested to blog out loud about the whole process of the trip for many reasons, not the least of which is wanting to be yet another voice telling the story of what is is REALLY like to be in Mexico right now. The BS spewed out by the US media 24/7 is insane and unconscionable and I want to be a voice - albeit a small, single voice - representing the other 90% of the reality of daily life in Mexico. We shall see how it goes together, eh? As always, you have my word that I will report to you the truth of what I see and experience.

As Julie Andrews used to say, let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...

I am on my way to Mexico. I am driving. I have never done this before and I am pretty much outta-my-skin excited about doing it now. So far it’s been great - dear friends in Santa Barbara, LA, La Jolla, and San Diego all treated me like a QUEEN and I loved every regal moment of it. Today I finally started to drive in earnest - from SD to Arizona - and I plan to do this from now on, as I move into areas where I don’t know people and will want to cover as many miles as possible each day during daylight hours. My final destination is Guanajuato, where I am going to house-sit just across the street from my old haunt, the Casa de Espíritus Alegres B&B. My friend Faye is at the house now and I am eager to join her there there but also trying very hard to remember to Be Here Now and enjoy the journey, which so far has been absolutely stellar. This girl was made to ramble and The Road is most definitely my middle name.

Number crunching: I left Santa Cruz at about 12 noon on Tuesday, April 7, and turned off the car at about 9pm tonight in Ajo, Arizona, I just worked the numbers and found that I am moving at a pace of approximately 12.5 miles an hour. Hmmm…just my speed.

Tomorrow morning, thanks to a tip from friend Sparks (how can you not trust a man named Sparks?) I will cross the border into Mexico at Lukesville/Sonoyta instead of my original plan of Nogales. This change in route is what put me in the town of Ajo tonight, which I think was a good move. The town is small and I think it may even be quaint in the light of day (I arrived after dark), my motel room cost $44, and I even have an old friend from Guanajuato who lives here now whom I hope to track down tomorrow. It’s all good and it’s all heading me in the right direction: forward.

Wow, my first post as a blogger. I feel a little exposed, and definitely empowered. Now let's just hope someone reads the darned thang.

Saludos desde Ajo, Arizona.


  1. Hola Reyna del Camino!!!!! Te adoro como siempre!
    Te extrano tambien! Hace menos de veinte-cuatro horas pero te extrano anyway!
    How curious that you spent the night in Garlic. I know that town well and Soynota too - used to go through there on way to and back from Puerto Penasco - the capital of camarones in Mexico. Look out for police on both sides ticketing for speeding - easy to do when bored senseless on a lonely road. How are the sheets doing? Besos, La Loca

  2. You go Bets! Nice Blog. Hope they can process your car paperwork there.
    - John

  3. way to go betsy, hope to hear your food encounters too...xxoo, ma

  4. Hola Betsy-
    Andale, chica. Thanks for offering up your blog so that we can live vicariously through your journey, which I already know will be amazing.
    I kept a blog in Mexico and it really enriched my experience (and hopefully those of my readers.)
    Que te vayas muy bien.
    We'll keep Santa Cruz weird for you until you return.
    Susana (

  5. OK - so the word "jealous" comes to mind... you have carved out a great life for yourself and I'm so happy for you! Will be looking forward to joining your adventures vicariously. xxxoo kob

  6. Ok Chica Brava.......hace veinte-cuatro horas.....que te pasa calabasa? Estoy preocupada!
    La Loca

  7. OK Pepsi, First you got me on a horse, then to do face book now blogging. It's great to be an old lady (as the commerical goes) you go girl hope your trip is great! Oh & you missed day
    light savings time it was April 1st! Any best meals yet? Gramma Barb

  8. La Quinta de San AntonioApril 16, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    Querida Pepsy/Betsy!

    Welcome to our country! Our Mexico, to the Mexico that doesen't come out in the news, a nuestro Mexico lindo y querido!

    Congratulations for your new Blog!

    You know we love you so dearly, trough all these years we have discovered in you a great friend, so seriously please considere to drive all the way down to Puebla!!

    Antonio + Alfonso
    La Quinta de San Antonio - Puebla, Mexico

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  10. Pepsita I feel a book in the works.......can't wait for the next installment....your writing is wonderful and I feel compelled to check the blog daily to see if there is more from you. Seriously - think about writing about your experiences and get compensated for it - YOU ARE GOOD!
    The tiled motel room made me roll on the floor with laughter!
    Love you.........La Loca

  11. Thanks, lovebug! I love your idea!! I have started to do a little writing for, check it out here: And if that link doesn't work (you may need to sign in or something?) I just sent you and email with the link. Love you, loca. xobets

  12. Hey Gramma Barb, ain't it great to keep trying new things? You inspire me! It's going to keep us young...if it doesn't kill us first!

    Insiders tip: tomorrow's post will include my first fabulous culinary experience of the trip. Stay tuned...


  13. Well well. Betty the blogger. I love it. Good reading. Hugs and happy travels. DeeDubDub


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